Ginny - Brittany spaniel for adoption 1BRIT #: 20122004
Age: 8 months  
Gender: Female
Weight: 20 pounds

I know what you’re thinking: I have never seen a Brittany girl this pretty – with such unusual markings – they say I’m a true red head (ha!). Pretty is as pretty does – – – it’s not all about beauty, you know.

I’ve had a couple of really scary weeks. I got lost from my home and was on the run for a while until a nice lady convinced me to trust her and she took me in. Then I had to live in a shelter for about ten days. Yikes, was it noisy and scary – I hated it. The people there were nice, but I couldn’t wait to get out. I’m still very afraid, but am learning to trust people.

My good luck started when a nice lady from BRIT came and rescued me. She took me to a place called a “vet clinic” where they checked me over, gave me shots and did some other stuff I’d rather not talk about.

I’ve just joined the team of BRIT Brittanys and they said they can’t wait to get to know me so they can tell you all about me. One thing they already know is that I am a very very special girl. They tell me that I’m not only beautiful, but am very loving and affectionate and whoever adopts me will be incredibly lucky – that makes me feel really special.