George - xb 2-19-13BRIT #: 20130103
Status:  ADOPTED
Age:   Eight months   (born on 9/28/12)
Gender: Male
Weight: 33 pounds

UPDATE:  Well, it turns out I no longer have a heart murmur, I have a defective heart valve. What that means is that I’m going to need ongoing medical care … semi-annual visits to the cardiologist and annual echocardiograms. Of course, that’s in addition to my annual regular vet visits. My cardiologist says the medication she has me on is doing a great job – but I’m on a strict medication schedule.  I can lead a fairly normal life, but not as a runner or hunter. I am told that I can only be adopted locally (Fort Worth/Dallas area) so I can continue my relationship with my great heart doctor. I guess what I am trying to say, I need to be adopted by someone who can “afford” to keep me safe and healthy.

I’m definitely ALL puppy – love to play with any and all toys, sticks and rocks and even clods of dirt … and I really love to play with my foster brothers and sisters. I am finally housebroken and don’t know what I’d do without that darn pet door it gives me so much freedom.

My name is George! “George Burns” to my foster parents. I’m ALL puppy, and ready to get going … playing … running – did I say playing??? Don’t I sound like a typical 3 month old Brittany boy? Like my sister Gracie, (get it, George Burns and Gracie Allen?) one of my very favorite things is to tear up paper! What a great past time for a pup … whoever invented paper is a genius in my book (that paper that comes on a roll is the best).

When I went to the vet they said I have a heart murmur … and a loud one. So BRIT is having me totally checked out. I’ve had an echocardiogram and they discovered that I have a defective heart valve. I have an appointment with a cardiologist to see what to expect. I know those are a lot of really big words for a little fella like me to throw around, but I’ve been listening to my Foster Mom telling people. I heard her say that I can’t be adopted quite yet – not until they know what’s going on with my heart. Right now I’m a typical Brittany baby boy – sister Gracie and I play all day long: chasing, biting, rolling, tumbling, chasing – she’s a really cool sister.

Now on to more fun stuff. Guess what? I love toys, all toys, balls, squeaky toys, bones, Kongs, stuffed toys … I love toys and want to be sure there are plenty around in my new home. I’ve heard my foster parents say that I’m a “pretty darn cute bouncy little Brittany boy.” My question to them is: aren’t all Brittanys cute? I can tell you for sure that I am a very sweet, loving and always cuddly boy, when I’m not busy looking for stuff to get into.

I’ve got the pet door mastered, that was a piece of cake – figured it out in the first 15 minutes – and love going in and out, and in and out, and in and out. I’m pretty darn good in the crate, but would much rather not have to be in one. My Foster Mom said it keeps me out of trouble. Whatever!!! As far as being what they call housebroken, I’m working on it, I’m working on it ☺

I think people are really cool, and I love to play with other dogs, too. I don’t know anything at all about cats – never laid eyes on one. I am looking for my forever home where I can be the best Brittany ever – forever and ever!

Foster Mom: George been neutered. He is up to date on his shots, on heartworm preventative and has been microchipped. We need to determine George’s prognosis and will make the perfect placement for this little guy. He will need to be adopted locally.


George - Valentine x4 2-14-13

George - x3 2-19-13

George - x2 2-19-13