Gabe and Harper lost their Mom last week – and their Dad is not able to care for them.  They were very loved and very doted on!

Gabe joined BRIT in 2011 and Harper in 2013 … they are inseparable and must be adopted together!

Gabe is a typical Brittany – sweet, smart with a high prey drive. Harper is sweet and very shy. No small children/grand children and no cats please!

A quiet home would be perfect for these two special Brittanys.

A tall secure fence is needed for these two gems. They are both housebroken !  Their health is good and being kept in check with special diets.

BRIT #2021-0601

  • Status: ADOPTED
  • Age: Gabe 12, Harper 8
  • Gender: Gabe is a male … Harper is a female
  • Weight: Gabe 39 lbs  … Harper 28 lbs