Gabe a rescued BrittanyBRIT #: 2011-0801
Age: 2.5 years old
Gender: Male
Weight: 47 pounds

Greetings. My name is Gabriel, but I prefer to be called “Gabe,” “Gabe the Babe,” “Handsome,” or “Good Looking.” Actually, I prefer to be called Gabe, but my foster mom insists on calling me Gabriel. She says that I remind her of the Archangel Gabriel who typically is referred to as “God’s hero.” She insists that I am going to rescue the perfect family and provide them with the unconditional love and comfort that they have been missing.

On the other hand, my foster dad says that the only resemblance I have to an angel is the way I fly over our 6.5-foot fence when chasing a bird. Yes, I have a prey drive. And, I love cats. My foster parents are quick to point out that my love for cats isn’t exactly good for cats. All kidding aside, I’m not an escape artist, but I do prefer to be indoors with humans and other dogs so I can play and cuddle.

I would love to be in a multiple dog family, but I’ll settle for children or lots of stuffed toys. Unlike most of my Brittany cousins, I’ll play fetch! But, my favorite game is stealing the other dog’s toys and running away. It always leads to a great game of tug-of-war and sometimes ends with the toy in enough pieces for all of us to enjoy.

My foster dad made me think of three words to describe myself. They are, “Big Love Bug.” Let me snuggle in bed with you and you’ll see!

Gabe has been neutered, is current on his shots, is micro chipped, and is on heartworm preventative.