• Status: Crossed The Rainbow Bridge

Intake Story: 

A good Samaritan rescued a, 21 lb, 14-yr-old Brittany female from the aftermath of the Hurricane Harvey Flood in Houston. He took her to the Freeport Veterinary Medical Center where BRIT found out about her. She was in very rough shape with a severely matted coat, starving, and unable to stand.

Our awesome transport volunteer Bill (also from Houston) took time away from his own flood restoration work to make the long drive to pick her up and take her to an interim foster home with Dr. Samantha Pulliam, a vet in Navasota, TX.

After a thorough examination by our Dr. Pam Saliba we’ve learned she has a heart murmur, suffering from a little dementia, a mouth full of rotted teeth, and is in renal failure. She has been dewormed, treated for fleas, and fortunately is heartworm negative.

BRIT Superhero’s Aimee and Leon have welcomed her into their pack of five senior dogs and named her Brie. She loves being with the pack and being in a loving home.

We don’t know how long she has but are so grateful that her final weeks will be full of love, good food, a warm bed (which she loves!) and being a treasured member of her new family.

We believe all Brittanys deserve a chance to have a loving forever home. In addition to rescuing healthy Brittanys, we’ve pledged to save ALL Brittanys no matter what shape they are in.  

Some believe severe cases, like Brie’s, are not worth spending the money to save them. We disagree.

If you feel the same way, and believe these sweet playful companions deserve a chance at a new life, support us with your tax-deductible donation: https://brittanyrescueintexas.org/help-our-brittanys/donating/

BRIT has incurred $832 in veterinary expenses to date. We appreciate any donation you can make in Brie’s honor to help cover her expenses.

Brie in her new bed!