Dexter’s Weight Loss Journey

Dexter after his first grooming last July 2019.

Dexter came to us via the shelter system in July of 2019. He was so dirty and matted it took 3 baths and lots of cutting to clean up his coat with all the mats on top of mats in his fur and in his ears. Unfortunately, Dexter is in another life-threatening situation. His dad who had dementia, and recently died, could not remember if/when he last fed him. The result was Dexter was fed multiple times daily and ballooned to a whopping 82.5 lbs. He was sporting a 37.5 in waist on 7/16/19 and needed to lose 50 lbs. He is heartworm positive but we can’t start his heartworm treatment until he weighs at least 42 lbs. He is receiving regular medical supervision during his weight loss. 

Dexter has lost 10 inches off his waist and 33.5 lbs! Good boy!!

Will you help us help Dexter? 

We incur costs for his bloodwork, vet visits (bi-weekly weigh-ins), and the biggie: Heartworm treatment which costs $750.

Total estimated costs for Dexter over the next 6+ months is $1500. 

Help fund Dexter’s Heartworm Treatment

As always, thank you for your support – we could not do this work without you. 

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