Darcy Brittany who was adoptedBRIT #: 2011-1001
Age: 7 months old
Gender: Female
Weight: 23 pounds

Darcy’s right foot was broken sometime in her short life and was never fixed. We have an appointment scheduled with an orthopedic vet to see what needs to be done. We will report back with the results of that visit in about two weeks. Won’t you please consider making a donation to help with her treatment?

Okay, okay, I’m well aware of how absolutely adorable and precious I am, how cute my freckles are – but seriously … check me out – I’m so worth it. I was found hanging around a construction site in East Texas and someone took me to a place called a high-kill shelter and it was very scary. Oh yeah, by the way, my name is “Darcy.” I’m just a puppy so I’m still kinda on the little side – not sure how big I’ll get to be when I’m all grown up. I don’t remember anything about my past. I just joined BRIT, but let me tell you what I overheard them say. Are you ready? They say I’m “sweet and affectionate and a very very busy girl – full of piss and vinegar (not sure what the heck that means), rarin’ to go.” I also heard them say, “she’s so cute, she’ll be in be in a forever home in no time.” I love to crash in my foster dad’s arms and wrap myself around the back of my foster mom’s neck for a short nap. And speaking of naps, my foster parents think I’m sleeping, but I’m always listening and I’ve heard them say “Thank heavens she’s asleep – she looks like an angel.”


Darcy has been in our home for two weeks. One thing we already know about her is that she definitely needs a six foot privacy fence. She is incredibly agile and I have no doubt she could scale a shorter fence without the blink of an eye. The good news is that in the week that she’s been here, she has pretty well mastered being housebroken. This girl is very smart, willing to learn and should be easy to train with love and persistence. Darcy is a very fun and a very happy puppy – it’s fun watching her experience new things and see the wonderment and amazement in that cute face of her. She is a high energy little girl. She loves to run and play, with (or without) the other Brittanys in her foster home. She loves all kinds of toys, stuffed, squeaky, hard rubber – they’re all pretty interesting to her. Another thing about this baby girl is that she is very birdy. She spends hours every day looking in the bushes (her paws on the branches) waiting for birds to come so she can chase them out.

Darcy has been spayed, is up to date on all her shots, is on heartworm preventative, and is micro chipped.