Caution – the following story has graphic photos. 

Dani desperately needs your help.

Dani '15 - x showing thinness  8-13-15 (2)

We rescued Dani from a shelter in San Antonio (Aug. 2015). As you can see by her pictures she is in terrible condition, emaciated and starving, loaded with worms, had millions of fleas. 

Her muscles have atrophied due to the length of time she’s been enduring this injury and she currently walks only on her front legs.

BRIT brought her in and immediately took her to our vet for evaluation. Since we know nothing about her past or how long she had been on the run, we can only share with you what’s going on with her now.

Our best guess is that she was hit by a car/truck. Our orthopedic vet says only a tire would do the kind of damage she has suffered – the twisting of muscles and breaking of bones. Her left rear foot has many fractured metatarsal bones. Her right rear hip is broken and the joint ball is severed from the socket. In other words there is no connection of the hip joint to the pelvic bone.

At this point, Dani needs to remain hospitalized long enough for her to:

  1. gain enough weight to survive multiple surgeries
  2. keep her broken foot stable in what’s called a “sugar wrap” which will help her skin regenerate. 

DANI '15 - close up of foot injury  8-11-15Currently Dani’s wound is in the inflammatory/debridement stage, and bandage changes are required two or three times a day. Additionally, she requires antibiotics and pain meds during hospitalization. We may be looking at amputation – only time will tell.

Once she regains her strength, and a few pounds, we are looking at surgery for her hip joint ball socket.

In the meantime, this sweet girl will be hospitalized for weeks, if not months, as she heals enough for surgeries.

Even with all this going on with her body, Dani is the most trusting, loving, and affectionate Brittany girl on the planet.

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DANI '15 - x7  8-12-15DANI '15 - x6  8-12-15DANI '15 - x8  8-12-15

Update on Dani – September 1, 2015

Dani’s first surgery was last week and we are happy to report the site is healing well. Only two toes were amputated – not the whole leg! She may still lose her left rear leg if there are complications during recovery, but so far so good! She is exhibiting pain response in the foot – and that is good news. However, she is not willing yet to try to use the foot. As you can see from her photo her coat is looking much healthier and she is starting to put on weight. She was spayed Tuesday morning and is recovering from that. Her next surgery, to repair right hip, will be scheduled soon. Dani is such a fighter and BRIT appreciates the love, kind notes, words of encouragement and financial support you’ve given toward Dani’s recovery.

xRay_DaniDANI '15 - in kennel at LP  x2  8-30-15

Update on Dani – October 12, 2015

Our vet predicted she would need to be carried around for at least a week after her Femoral Head Osteotomy Surgery. Instead here she is, the DAY AFTER her surgery running around like a puppy in a field with her favorite vet tech, Lexi.

Update on Dani – October 26, 2015

Dani is thriving and looking great. She is now in the process of being adopted.