Found Late August 2019

Young Cruz (est. 7 months old) was found in Central Texas by the police. He had multiple injuries including: broken tail, crushed elbow, and an eye condition called “Horner’s Syndrome.” 

Horner’s syndrome is a condition that can occur in dogs and many other species. It’s associated with damage to the sympathetic innervation to the eye. The result is that the pupil will constrict and all of the muscles around the eye will relax. The eye will sink into the orbit, the third eyelid will become prominent, and the upper eyelid will become droopy. 

Ophthalmologist, Dr. Michael Paulsen, says it was caused by traumatic injury to his body – in Cruz’ case the trauma that caused his crushed elbow and broken tail. 

Testing eyes for dryness

Dr. Paulsen exam

2 months post injury

BRIT is happy to report that in late October Dr. Paulsen discharged Cruz and approved him for adoption. His eye is fully functional! THANKS to everyone who donated to help pay for Cruz’ emergency vet bills. If you would like to donate to BRIT’s Emergency Fund please visit our donation page.