BRIT #: 2011-1205
Age: 1.5 years 
Gender: Male
Weight: 39 pounds

Howdy, Crosby here!!! I know you can’t believe how incredibly beautiful I am…Well, it’s true. But the good news is that I am as sweet and affectionate as I am handsome. I have been told that I’m a “typical” Brittany boy – whatever… if that means I like to do things that Brittanys do (like hugging, loving, playing, running) then I’m guilty as charged.

I know there are a lot of handsome (and pretty) Brittanys on this website, but I’m right up there on that list. Since I’ve just joined the prestigious ranks of the BRIT Brittanys, I’m still learning who these folks are – maybe they’re trying to figure out the same about me. Oh well, they’ll be pleased when they really get to know me.

Let’s get to the point: Are you looking for a Brittany? Hellllllooo, over here – Crosby to the rescue. I’d love to save a human today, so why don’t you go to our website and fill out an application to adopt ME.