Cheyenne still sweet after years of neglectA few days ago BRIT picked up Cheyenne from a Houston area animal shelter. Cheyenne was surrendered by her elderly owners who were unable to care for her.

BRIT is committed to bringing her back to good health and adopting her to a loving forever home.

As you can see from her photos she is just as sweet as can be and still trusts people even after a life of neglect.

Before BRIT can place this sweet seven-year old girl in a foster home we need to address her medical issues ASAP!

Cheyenne is suffering from the following MEDICAL issues:

  • Infected, worn down teeth; requiring multiple extractions and dental surgery
  • Heartworm Positive
  • Skin infection that has caused “Elephant Skin” on her tail and rear
  • Extensive skin allergies, especially on her belly and legs
  • Large hernia on her belly
  • Growth on her eyelid (touching her eyeball)

Please note: these issues were caused by years of neglect and are NOT hereditary.

How can you help? BRIT needs an estimated $2,500 (maybe more) to cover her initial veterinarian charges.

CHEYENNE '14 - teeth  x8  5-29-14

As you can see from this picture, her teeth are worn to the nub. She is unable to eat hard food. Many of these teeth are infected and need to be removed.

CHEYENNE '14 - x7  5-28-14

In addition to the “Elephant Skin” syndrome, her belly is “on fire” with skin allergies.

CHEYENNE '14 - x4  5-28-14

Dear BRIT friends and family –
let’s rally together and get this sweet gal fixed up, brought back to health, and into a loving home! Our vet assures us a long and happy life once we get these medical issues dealt with.