Ranger – rescued with Mange

In April, BRIT rescued a 12-week old abandoned puppy who we named Ranger. Unfortunately, this adorable little guy had a really bad, highly contagious, case of mange. He is in intensive care and being isolated. The vets are working really hard to cure him so he can have a happy and healthy life....

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Dexter’s Weight Loss Journey

Dexter came to us via the shelter system in July of 2019. He was so dirty and matted it took 3 baths and lots of cutting to clean up his coat with all the mats on top of mats in his fur and in his ears. Unfortunately, Dexter is in another life-threatening situation. His dad who had dementia, and...

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Cruz the pup found with multiple injuries

Young Cruz (est. 7 months old) was found in Central Texas by the police. He had multiple injuries including: broken tail, crushed elbow, and an eye condition called “Horner’s Syndrome.”  Horner’s syndrome is a condition that can occur in dogs and many other species....

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Help us save Maya

Update on Maya – 5/23/19: Maya is doing much better! She will be ready for her heartworm treatment in a few weeks, then she will be available for her forever home. Check her new glamour shots here.  Maya was rescued from a local shelter after her family lost their home. She’s only 4...

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Birdie Needs Emergency Amputation

Birdie came to BRIT with a severely injured paw. The vet’s best guess is that she was either caught in a trap, or something extremely heavy fell on her paw slicing off her two left nails and pads. An EXTREMELY painful injury!  The bone is sheared off and because of the bone fragments...

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Puppy Sadie fighting for her life!

Update: Jan. 10, 2019 We are pleased to report that Sadie has recovered 100%, is thriving, and gets cuter by the minute. She is a real spit-fire of a gal. A huge Texas-sized THANK YOU to everyone who donated to save Sadie’s life!    Sadie is a 4 month old baby girl who presented with Parvo...

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Percy – Cushing’s Disease

Donate Percy is a six-year-old Brittany whose has been on a “roller coaster” these past few months. His mom died in June and he was put into boarding where he stayed for three months before coming to BRIT. BRIT found him the perfect foster family who quickly fell in love with him. They...

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Blaze was found by a good Samaritan, abandoned and barely alive, in a ditch just south of Dallas.  (11/7/18) He was emaciated, dehydrated, and very banged up all over. Just broken, really. He was rushed to our vet for evaluation. He was then transferred to a specialty vet clinic. His x-rays showed...

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HELP Us Save Rocky’s Eye!

Rocky came in from a high-kill shelter in South Texas. He was diagnosed with and treated for distemper. His eye was sealed with mucus, when he opened his eye it appears to have puncture and now has a severe ulceration. He has an appointment with an ophthalmologist in a few days. Help us raise the...

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Urgent Need: Margie

Calling all BRIT Super Heros! We received a call from a West Texas shelter to save a dog that was 30 minutes away from being euthanized.  Margie was owner surrendered because she needed surgery. We rushed her to our vet in Granbury where a 2.3 pound fatty tumor was removed from “arm”...

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2016 Year End Update from BRIT

Dear fellow Brittany lover, It’s heartbreaking to find Brittanys who no longer have a home, a place where there’s always shelter, food, love, attention, special treats, playtime … where they are treasured members of the family. We believe all Brittanys deserve a chance to have a loving forever...

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Young Female Brittany Shot in East Texas

UPDATE: Posted on August 2, 2016 by Pattie NitschkePebbles aka The Wiggler! We met with Dr. Beam and Pebbles the wiggler at the Alvarado Vet Clinic this morning. He shared that Pebbles’ gunshot wound was the 2nd worst he has ever seen. Despite a large amount of shattered bone, he is...

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URGENT Foster Home Needed for Annie Oakley

Help, I’m pregnant and homeless!My name is Annie Oakley and I’m a two-year-old Brittany female. I got myself lost and no one came for me. Animal control in Oklahoma picked me up and kept me in the shelter-lock up for a couple of weeks before BRIT found me. Surprise! I’m in a...

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Near Fatal Dog Attack – Help Rocky Recover

Recently a woman was out walking and happened upon a young puppy being viciously attacked by eight other dogs who were biting him and pulling him from multiple directions. The rescuer was able to run the other dogs off and rush the puppy, who we’ve named Rocky, to a local animal emergency...

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Beverly needs your help

Soon after BRIT rescued Beverly last August she began exhibiting signs of severe and persistent diarrhea. We decided to keep her in Foster care until her health improved…which it did around January of this year.She was adopted by a wonderful family who has adopted from BRIT before. Things were...

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Senior French Brittany Needs Multiple Surgeries

Senior French Brittany, Mimi, Needs Multiple Surgeries

Mimi is a sweet senior French Brittany who was “owner surrendered” to a shelter in Southwest Texas. The shelter thinks Mimi was used for breeding and now that her breeding days are over she was of no use to them. 

Unfortunately, Mimi’s health is really poor. She is with our vet now. They have performed a thorough examination, and checked her lungs, heart, liver, and spleen, etc. through x-rays.

They are reporting the following urgent health issues:

Issue #1) Mimi’s most immediate concern is her respiratory problem. It seems to be a very bad case of Kennel Cough which has migrated to pneumonia. Associated with this is some nasty diarrhea which we are treating with antibiotics. We are waiting to see how she responds to the medication.

Issue #2) Mimi is suffering from a severe urinary bladder infection and is peeing blood. We are treating this with antibiotics as well. This too is a waiting game.

Issue #3) Mimi has a tennis-ball sized tumor on her right rear leg. This has been biopsied and confirmed as a mast cell tumor which is a type that can metastasize. Because these tumors have “tentacles” we will have to take large margins of her hind quarter around the tumor when we remove it.

Issue #4) Mimi has Pyometra which is a secondary infection that occurs as a result of hormonal changes in the female’s reproductive tract. During estrus (“heat”), white blood cells, which normally protect against infection, are inhibited from entering the uterus.

Issue #5) Mimi has major dental issues. Many of her teeth are rotting and need to be pulled. 

Mimi is looking at an extended hospital stay to overcome these issues and recuperate.
Despite her multiple issues, our vet tells us her prognosis is good

Mimi is a very sweet girl and BRIT is committed to her recovery and finding her a loving forever home. Any help you can provide will go directly to Mimi’s hospital fund.  

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SPECIAL NEEDS update – Save Dani’s Legs

Dani still needs your help.When we rescued Dani from a shelter in San Antonio, on August 11, 2015, she was in terrible condition: broken bones, open wounds, emaciated and starving, loaded with worms, and millions of fleas. Her muscles were atrophied due to the length of time she had endured her...

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Caution – the following story has graphic photos. Dani desperately needs your help. We rescued Dani from a shelter in San Antonio (Aug. 2015). As you can see by her pictures she is in terrible condition, emaciated and starving, loaded with worms, had millions of fleas. Her muscles have...

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Waffle – a very special, special needs girl

BRIT#20150312Status:ADOPTEDAge:8 yrsGender:FemaleWeight:  48 lbsI have a very sad story to tell. You see, my first family took me to the shelter in Oklahoma to be euthanized. The shelter was great, they took me in, but said there was no way they would do what those people asked. They contacted...

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Matching Challenge – $250 for Beretta

Sweet Beretta, the 7-year old, owner surrender, from Houston who lived his whole life in a kennel is facing many health challenges, the most urgent are HUGE cancerous tumors on his legs. Our Houston vet reports finding: otitis externa (ear lesions), dermal abrasions (fascial lesions), and suspect...

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Precious came to BRIT in June of 2013 near death. The vet stated she was just a day away from death’s door. With the help of the BRIT Rescue Angels we were able to save her life. She is now in her furever home, living the best life possible, “fat and sassy”! 

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Maple’s Story: A Brittany Goes Blind

As told by Madison, a much loved BRIT Foster Mom. It was one night in December during our bedtime treat ritual that we first noticed something unusual. Maple, our five-year-old Brittany, usually caught the treats in her mouth when we called out her name and tossed them towards her. But tonight the...

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