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Check out our 2019 cover girl, Stella, a beautiful French Brittany. Stella enjoys hunting, snuggling and being photographed by her dad.  Order your 2019 BRIT calendar today! 2019 BRIT Calendar Free Shipping! Price: $25.00 Quantity: Total $0.00 Your Name* First Last Email* Phone*Address* Street...

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Dirty truth about top-selling Dog Food

Article courtesy of Whole Dog Journal The dirty truth about how top-selling dog foods could actually be harming your dog’s health! And other untold secrets you need to know. Dear Fellow Dog Lover, You want the best for your dog – especially when it comes to his food. You read labels...

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Have YOU registered your Brittany’s Microchip?

NOTICE: All adopters need to register their Brittany’s Microchip immediately upon adoption. The website for 24PetWatch is on the adoption application. Since August of 2013, all BRIT Brittanys are wearing a BRIT tag with an ID # and Pattie’s phone number. This system has helped us reunite many lost...

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Xylitol = Paws off!

Xylitol is a popular sweetner found in many products including: sugar-free gums and candies tootpasts and mouthwashes baked goods and more When ingested by Brittanys and other dogs, xylitol may cause vomiting, loss of coordination, seizures, internal bleeding, and in severe cases, liver failure!...

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HELP Us Save Rocky’s Eye!

Rocky came in from a high-kill shelter in South Texas. He was diagnosed with and treated for distemper. His eye was sealed with mucus, when he opened his eye it appears to have puncture and now has a severe ulceration. He has an appointment with an ophthalmologist in a few days. Help us raise the...

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Darcy’s Story

Darcy’s Story – How she survived Septic Shock (endotoxemia) by Kay (Darcy’s mom) Feb. 6, 2018 Our lucky family adopted Darcy when she was 12 weeks old in 2016 and she is now 17 months old. Darcy is our first Brittany and have been just thrilled to have such a special, loving,...

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2017 BRIT Volunteer Appreciation Video

Thank you to everyone who volunteered with BRIT in 2017. It truly takes a village and we couldn’t have done this without you! BRIT is so very blessed and lucky and appreciative to have such an awesome team of people who help rescue Brittanys in Texas (and nearby...

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What’s in your Easter Basket?

Leave the speckled eggs and Peeps for the kids. How about a nice cool Pinot for the adult’s Easter basket!  Check out the entire line of BRIT’s Brittany Reserve Wines. Every bottle you enjoy helps BRIT save more lives.  BRIT Wine Relax with your favorite Brittany and a glass of BRIT...

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Checklist For Finding Your Lost Brittany

Has your Brittany gone on a “Walk-about”? Follow these steps to help locate your Brittany: Search the immediate area. Alert neighbors. Distribute flyers; include a photo of your Brittany, the date and your phone number and email address. Call local shelters and provide the staff with...

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BRIT’s 2017 Transport Super Heroes

BRIT is incredibly grateful for all of our Transport Volunteers…or, as we like to call them, our BRIT Super Heroes!  Many of the rescues we took on this year were true logistic challenges. We covered every corner of The Great State of Texas and even dipped into neighboring states. Two...

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ResQWalk for BRIT

Download the ResQwalk App and start logging miles for BRIT! ResQwalk is a FREE mobile app that enables you to raise money and resources for BRIT, simply by walking (or running). Each month ResQWalk announces a ResQpool of cash and other resources that have been provided by corporate sponsors. In...

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My experience as a Foster Mom

Whenever I’ve been out with a foster dog or I’m talking to someone about rescue, I’ve heard the same statement; “I could NEVER do that! I would love them too much to give them up!” My response to that is “If I can do it, so can YOU!” When I first became active in rescue it wasn’t to foster. I...

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Keep your Backyard a Safe Haven for Your Brittanys

Spring has sprung in Texas … happy news for your Brittanys, who will be spending more time sniffing and romping and rolling in the great outdoors. While longer days and warmer days make us happy, they can bring some risks to our Brittanys. Every seasonal change can bring dangers, but the Spring...

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Watch for rattlesnakes lurking in Bluebonnets

Bluebonnet season is upon us, the time of year the entire state looks like a Blue Bell Ice Cream commercial. The annual bluebonnet bloom is definitely a sight to behold and you may be tempted to take your family out for photos but beware because the warm weather also brings poisonous snakes out of...

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Sharing the (Blind) Love

Nearly seven years ago, we adopted a sweet, shy Brittany named “Bailey.” BRIT told us that she was a great fit for our family but would probably have to be the only dog. We were okay with that because Bailey provides us with an abundance of love, fun, and excitement. Bailey is best known for...

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2016 Year End Update from BRIT

Dear fellow Brittany lover, It’s heartbreaking to find Brittanys who no longer have a home, a place where there’s always shelter, food, love, attention, special treats, playtime … where they are treasured members of the family. We believe all Brittanys deserve a chance to have a loving forever...

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Foster Homes Needed ASAP

Need Some Brittany Love? Become a short-term BRIT Foster parent and help us rescue abandoned and neglected Brittanys in Texas.  URGENT NOTICE:  All of BRIT’s foster homes are full! We’ve reached full capacity and need additional foster homes NOW. Please consider SHORT-TERM fostering for Brittany...

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The “Do NOT Feed” List for your Brittany

We know your Brittany is a member of the family, but that doesn’t mean you can feed them the same things we human family members eat. Foods that are safe for humans can be toxic or even deadly to your pet. Here are some of the foods to never give your Brittany. Alcohol – Beer, wine and...

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RAISIN the Alarm! Raisins and Grapes are TOXIC to Brittanys!

Grapes and raisins have often been used as treats for dogs. But it’s not a good idea. Although it isn’t clear why, grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure in dogs. Just a small amount can make your Brittany very ill. Repeated vomiting is an early sign. Within a day, your Brittany will become...

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Puppy Naming Contest – Name Annie Oakley’s 9 Puppies

Help Us Name Annie Oakley’s 9 Puppies! 

$10.00 Entry Fee

Contest rules:

You must submit your names in a group of Nine (6 Girls and 3 Boys).  The person whose group is picked will win a fancy BRIT T-shirt and mug. Let’s make this fun and come up with some great names for these puppies.

Deadline for BRIT to receive your entry AND payment of $10 is
midnight MONDAY AUGUST 22nd.

The winner will be announced on TUESDAY, AUGUST 23rd on our Facebook page.

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Skunk! Oh No! My Brittany encountered a skunk!

If your curious Brittany encounters a skunk like Holly did below, follow this recipe recommended by the Humane Society (read the full article here): Step 1: Keep your Brittany outsideDon’t let them carry the smell indoors. Check their eyes; if they’re irritated or red, immediately flush them...

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Save Lives with Snapshots Photo Contest

The top winners of BRIT’s – Save Lives With Snapshots Photo Contest will be featured in next year’s BRIT calendar. Submit your Brittany’s photo today! Entry Fee = $5 per photo submission. Entry deadline is Wednesday, August 31st at 8:00 pm CST; voting ends at 10:00 pm. Each...

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Status: Crossed the Rainbow BridgeJuly 31, 2016 Age: 3 yr Gender: Female Weight:   35 lbs Dolly came to use from a West Texas shelter and appeared healthy.  Our vets got her caught up on her shots and spayed over the weekend. She was waiting for her foster home when Dr. Pam got an emergency call...

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BRIT# 20141202 Status: Crossed the Rainbow BridgeJuly 29, 2016 Age: 11 years old Gender: Male Weight:   52 lbs With a heavy heart we must share the loss of a great Brittany … Our beloved BB Maxx crossed The Rainbow Bridge on Friday, July 29th. He came to us from a shelter at 11 years of age...

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Dijon’s Gotcha Day

Dijon (fka Dichan) is a true French Brittany! He was born in France and immigrated to the US in the Fall of 2008. He came to BRIT in 2016 and “foster failed” his new mom and dad and best friend Charlie, another BRIT Brittany adopted in 2010. His new family celebrated his 8th birthday...

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Young Female Brittany Shot in East Texas

UPDATE: Posted on August 2, 2016 by Pattie Nitschke Pebbles aka The Wiggler!  We met with Dr. Beam and Pebbles the wiggler at the Alvarado Vet Clinic this morning. He shared that Pebbles’ gunshot wound was the 2nd worst he has ever seen. Despite a large amount of shattered bone, he is...

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A Look Back On SIX Awesome Years!

Here’s a look back at our first six years of rescuing Brittanys all across the Great State of Texas Even though we celebrate our birthday in the cool month of May we officially began operations on 7/10/2010. Here is a look at some of our adoptions: 2010 – Our Freshman Year “This...

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URGENT Foster Home Needed for Annie Oakley

Help, I’m pregnant and homeless! My name is Annie Oakley and I’m a two-year-old Brittany female. I got myself lost and no one came for me. Animal control in Oklahoma picked me up and kept me in the shelter-lock up for a couple of weeks before BRIT found me.  Surprise! I’m in a...

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Near Fatal Dog Attack – Help Rocky Recover

Recently a woman was out walking and happened upon a young puppy being viciously attacked by eight other dogs who were biting him and pulling him from multiple directions. The rescuer was able to run the other dogs off and rush the puppy, who we’ve named Rocky, to a local animal emergency...

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The Mighty Mosquito is here – are you ready?

Did you know Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitos? Heartworm preventatives, and flea and tick medication are essential this time of year – especially in Texas!  Each BRIT Brittany is heartworm tested prior to adoption, but owners need to re-test annually. A good time to re-test is 6...

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Ami – BRIT Super Hero

Earlier this year Ami from Arlington, TX contacted BRIT via our Facebook page to volunteer her services as a Foster Mom. She dove right in and in quick succession fostered Gambler and then Princess who were both quickly adopted. Ami discovered she loves fostering Brittanys and agreed to foster...

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Beverly needs your help

Soon after BRIT rescued Beverly last August she began exhibiting signs of severe and persistent diarrhea. We decided to keep her in Foster care until her health improved…which it did around January of this year. She was adopted by a wonderful family who has adopted from BRIT before. Things were...

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Name Pepper’s Puppies

Enter to win a chance to name Pepper’s Puppies! Namin’ Rights = $10 Donation Here are the rules: You must submit your names in a group of four (2 Girls and 2 Boys).  The person whose group is picked will win a BRIT gift basket!  The winner will be announced, via our Facebook Page. You...

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Allie: Breast Cancer Survivor

Allie was adopted from BRIT in late December. She is a wee little thing. In fact, we jokingly call her our “miniature Brittany” because she is the smallest of this breed we have ever seen! She has a girly bark, and the sweetest disposition. She loves to put her front paws on our knees, and stare...

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2015 The Year of the “BRIT Super Hero”

We hope 2015 has been a great year for you and your Brittany family member(s). We sure have loved meeting so many of you at our events and getting to know you and your Brittanys on Facebook. Thank you for adopting, volunteering, and supporting our rescue efforts. 2015 has been a year of continued...

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Senior French Brittany Needs Multiple Surgeries

Senior French Brittany, Mimi, Needs Multiple Surgeries

Mimi is a sweet senior French Brittany who was “owner surrendered” to a shelter in Southwest Texas. The shelter thinks Mimi was used for breeding and now that her breeding days are over she was of no use to them. 

Unfortunately, Mimi’s health is really poor. She is with our vet now. They have performed a thorough examination, and checked her lungs, heart, liver, and spleen, etc. through x-rays.

They are reporting the following urgent health issues:

Issue #1) Mimi’s most immediate concern is her respiratory problem. It seems to be a very bad case of Kennel Cough which has migrated to pneumonia. Associated with this is some nasty diarrhea which we are treating with antibiotics. We are waiting to see how she responds to the medication.

Issue #2) Mimi is suffering from a severe urinary bladder infection and is peeing blood. We are treating this with antibiotics as well. This too is a waiting game.

Issue #3) Mimi has a tennis-ball sized tumor on her right rear leg. This has been biopsied and confirmed as a mast cell tumor which is a type that can metastasize. Because these tumors have “tentacles” we will have to take large margins of her hind quarter around the tumor when we remove it.

Issue #4) Mimi has Pyometra which is a secondary infection that occurs as a result of hormonal changes in the female’s reproductive tract. During estrus (“heat”), white blood cells, which normally protect against infection, are inhibited from entering the uterus.

Issue #5) Mimi has major dental issues. Many of her teeth are rotting and need to be pulled. 

Mimi is looking at an extended hospital stay to overcome these issues and recuperate.
Despite her multiple issues, our vet tells us her prognosis is good

Mimi is a very sweet girl and BRIT is committed to her recovery and finding her a loving forever home. Any help you can provide will go directly to Mimi’s hospital fund.  

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Paws and Poinsettias – Dec. 5th

Join us on December 5th for Holiday Fun including: Poinsettias Sale, Hot Chocolate Bar, Pictures with Santa, and Couture in a Can (Mobile Clothing Boutique). TIME: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Sponsored by…North American Title4709 W. Parker RoadPlano, TX 75093...

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SPECIAL NEEDS update – Save Dani’s Legs

Dani still needs your help. When we rescued Dani from a shelter in San Antonio, on August 11, 2015, she was in terrible condition: broken bones, open wounds, emaciated and starving, loaded with worms, and millions of fleas. Her muscles were atrophied due to the length of time she had endured her...

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Caution – the following story has graphic photos.  Dani desperately needs your help. We rescued Dani from a shelter in San Antonio (Aug. 2015). As you can see by her pictures she is in terrible condition, emaciated and starving, loaded with worms, had millions of fleas.  Her muscles have...

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BRIT’s 5th Birthday Party Photos are up!

Click here to view BRIT’s 5th Birthday Photos The photos from BRIT’s 5th Birthday party are ready to view! These photos are candid, photo journalistic style, and taken by professional pet photographer, Jenna Regan. Her focus was to capture a variety of shots from the day and show the...

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BRIT’s 5th Birthday Party

[youtube] Pattie, founder of Brittany Rescue in Texas, took a pie-in-the-face after supporters met BRIT’s fundraising challenge of $5k. Funds from this annual fundraising event will be used to pay for animal rescue expenses to help save Brittany Spaniels, the...

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Introducing your Brittany to your other dogs

How to introduce your new Brittany to your resident dog. Animals that live in groups, like Brittanys, establish a social structure within the group called a dominance hierarchy. This dominance hierarchy serves to maintain order, reduce conflict and promote cooperation among pack members....

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Is your Brittany an Escape Artist?

The Brittany Escape Artist Escaping is a serious problem for both you and your Brittany, as it can have tragic consequences. If your Brittany is running loose, he is in danger of being hit by a car, being injured in a fight with another dog, or being hurt in a number of other ways. Additionally,...

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When your Brittanys Fight

What to do when your Brittanys fight. Brittanys that live in social groups establish a social structure within their pack. This social structure is hierarchical and your Brittany will determine their place in the hierarchy through control of and access to various resources, such as food, toys and...

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Max the Cat

BRIT# 20150401af Status: Available Age: 3 years  Gender: Male Weight:   12 lbs Hello everyone, my name is “Max The Cat.” I know what you’re thinking…I don’t look like the typical BRIT Brittany you’re used to seeing on this site. That’s because I’m a cat and not...

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PetMD’s Dog Chocolate Toxicity Meter

The petMD Chocolate Toxicity Meter will let you know how much theobromine and caffeine your dog has consumed and the symptoms that may follow. Simply enter your dog’s weight, the type of chocolate, and the amount consumed to get started. What Makes Chocolate Toxic to Dogs? Chocolate contains...

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Kara’s Retirement

When my Mom told me she was retiring and that my life would be even better as a result, I didn’t know what the word retirement meant. Now that it’s a reality, I totally agree with my Mom:  retirement is a wonderful thing! I used to spend every Monday through Friday all alone listening to the...

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Precious came to BRIT in June of 2013 near death. The vet stated she was just a day away from death’s door.  With the help of the BRIT Rescue Angels we were able to save her life.  She is now in her furever home, living the best life possible, “fat and...

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