BRIT #: 20121005
Status: Crossed The Rainbow Bridge
Gender: Female

Candy’s Intake Story:

Have you ever seen a Brittany as pretty as me – probably not?! I’ve heard people say that I’m even cuter in person. Pretty is as pretty does and it’s not all about beauty, you know (but it sure doesn’t hurt). My story could be sad, but I’m not buying into that. You see my family wanted the best for me (and my sister Maggie) because things have changed in their lives. So they called BRIT to find me a new home – one that has time for me and one that will love me more than anything else in the whole wide world … and that is what BRIT promised to do for me.

BRIT told me that they will find the most perfect and loving and forever home I could ever dream of. Here are a few things about me so you can get to know me. I’ll just list them: I love to cuddle in laps and be loved on. I still have some puppy ways cuz I like to eat up soft toys, socks and stuff like that and can even destroy those hard “dog toys.” The extra good news is that I am housebroken (okay so I may need a reminder now and then). I like other dogs – especially my sister Maggie. I don’t know anything about cats.

BRIT tells me that “ideally” I will be adopted with my sister Maggie. But if that is not possible, they promised they will find me a home with another dog and maybe a few kids to love on me. I used to hunt a little with my human grandfather and he said I was pretty good at it.

Candy has been spayed, is up to date on all her shots, microchipped, heartworm negative and on preventative.