Please follow these guidelines for photos: 

  • Image must be of Brittanys ONLY (sorry no humans!)
  • Image must be Horizontal/Landscape NOT Vertical/Portrait
  • Acceptable photo formats are .jpg, .bmp, .png, .pdf
  • Minimum pixel dimensions: 3300 px x 4200 px (Must be large enough to fill an 8.5x11in page without resizing. In other words…Texas Big!!!)
  • File size 3MB or higher
  • Clear, focused photos with good contrast and sharp, clean edges; not blurry or dark
  • No “red/blue flash” eyes
  • No date stamps
  • No black/white photos
  • Be mindful of background items. (Ex: No trashcans or debris, table or chair legs, laundry baskets)
  • If unsure send it anyway and we’ll take a look and let you know. 
    • (send questionable photos to: photos
  • Photos may contain one or more Brittany (non-rescue Brittanys okay)
  • Photographs must either feature Brittanys owned by the entrant, OR the entrant must have permission from the pet’s owner to submit their Brittany’s image.

Check out George for a great example: