Adopt_Brittany_Puppy_Brutis_1BRIT #:  20140506
Status:  ADOPTED
Age:  12 weeks (approximately)
Gender:  Male
Weight:  13.8 pounds

Hi everyone, my name is “Brutis” and I’m a beefcake. I’m not the biggest of the litter, but my attitude sure is – right now I’m the leader of my little pack … yep I’m the alpha puppy. Hey, you talkin’ to ME?  I’m a good (really good) boy but they tell me I need a strong leader (even more alpha than me) to take charge.

I’m such a puppy … gotta love puppies and I definitely am in full puppy mode! My littermates and I have been through a lot of changes lately but you wouldn’t know it looking at me!

I am still a baby and I have a lot of livin’ and learnin’ to do – think I’ll have a blast learning how wonderful Brittanys can be (and I plan to be one of the best).

BRIT just rescued me and my littermates from a shelter – we can’t thank them enough for saving us and helping us find perfect Brittany homes. You DO want a special puppy like me in your life, don’t you?

The adoption fee for Brutis is $400, plus a $150 neuter deposit (refunded upon proof of neuter). He is too young to travel so must be adopted in Texas.

I’ve had my first set of puppy shots (two more sets to go). I’m microchipped but I’m too young to be neutered (whatever that means :).