Brittany Dog AdoptionBRIT #: 20120704
Age:4 years
Gender: Female
Weight: 37 pounds

Miss “Brittany” – that’s me! I’m a young female looking for the perfect home, could you be that forever home for me? I know I’m beautiful (everyone says I am) and my coloring and coat are gorgeous. Let me say I am a little lady. I love to be bathed and brushed – so please pamper me – I will enjoy every minute of it.

Observations from my Foster Mom: I ride in the car quietly, I love to be cuddled, petted, and will rest my little head in your lap if you let me. At times when my foster family is away I do sleep in a plastic crate and do so quietly. I don’t get on the furniture or people beds. I will sit next to you and let you love on me.

I have had the chance to meet and play with lots of different dogs, a couple younger females, a couple younger males, a male and female older than me, all is good. I am not an alpha, nor am I submissive, I am a go-with-the-flow sort of girl.

Let me say I love having my picture taken (in case you hadn’t noticed). I ham it up real good, and truly have the most amazing personality. I give sweet kisses, take treats nicely. Kids are fine by me – I met a little boy who is three and a baby girl not quite one. Not sure about cats as my foster home has none.

I will point when I spot a bird (that’s the Brittany in me). The day I came into my foster home it was thundering and I could have cared less. I come when called, sit when told, and listen very well. I do not jump up on people, more great manners. I hear lots of good girl “Brittany” so that must mean that I’m really, really a good girl.

I don’t dig, or bark, and when someone rings the door bell, who cares, it’s just someone here to see me, to shower me with attention and love. I’ve had no accidents in the house thus far, no counter surfing, and I do not touch things that do not belong to me. I do know how to settle in the house, no craziness of jumping all over the furniture.

Brittany sounds like the perfect Brittany – is there such a thing – sure appears to be!

Brittany has been spayed. She is up to date on all her shots, heartworm negative and on heartworm preventative and is microchipped and is ready for her forever home.