Gabe the Babe!

Hi everyone – I feel privileged to be chosen to tell my story – actually my parents are going to tell you about me. First though, I was found at a shelter in Oklahoma many months ago and was rescued by BRIT. I’ve been in a few foster homes – and they ALL loved me. When BRIT found me my forever home, I knew I was home – I hit the lottery (as they say). Here’s what my Mom (and Dad) say about me. (Boy have I got them snowed!)

Mom’s message: Gabe is a love! He loves car rides, squeaky toys, looking out the glass storm door for birds, squirrels and neighborhood walkers, and he really loves hugs and naps. He has even been to Starbucks a few times and loves sitting out there watching the world go by while his Dad visits with friends and enjoys a cup of coffee.

Since Gabe is a typical Brittany, he’s got a few bad habits – unusual as they are. We are working on his counter surfing – not paws on the counter – but standing in the middle of the counter/sink/stove – we have to keep from laughing so we don’t encourage him, but it’s pretty darn cute (yes, we’re totally in love with our boy). He’s been known to take an almost empty jar of peanut butter off the counter and have his way with it. The only real habit is shredding flannel sheets (only flannel – weird). After we lost two sets of flannel sheets, we bought some grey ones that he seems to approve of – so far so good. If he doesn’t kick his flannel sheet habit, I plan to take the cost of replacing them out of his allowance. Ah, the continuing adventures of Gabe the Wonder Dog. Leave it to our boy to have unusual habits.

Gabe is a truly remarkable Brittany. He is such a sweet and gentle spirit and smart as a whip. We call him “Gabe the Babe.” We are over-the-moon crazy about this best Brittany in the Whole World and we are the luckiest “parents in the world. Gabe is the best Brittany ever !!!

Recently Gabe had his first obedience training tune-up. He was a super star and the trainer feels he could become a therapy dog – Gabe rocks and I was such a proud parent! He remains a staff/patient at the hospital rehab unit and is so gentle, friendly and loving with everyone he meets – hops up onto the foot of patient beds and lies quietly while receiving hugs and pats.

Jim and I are so thankful Gabe had wonderful foster parents (Shawn and Amanda) who provided a loving environment for our guy. We are over the moon crazy about him and could never imagine life without him.

Thank you to Shawn, Lily and Pattie for making the perfect adoption match. Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!

Jim and I are so grateful to have Gabe in our lives … he has brought us so much joy. He remains the best Brittany every and we remain hopelessly crazy about him. Thanks, BRIT!