BRIT-Dog-Rescue-BRIC-1BRIT #: 20121105
Age: 3-4 years
Gender: Male
Weight: 35 pounds

Pleased to meet y’all – I’m Bric! Let me tell you a little about my name… I was named after Father Ralph de Bricassart (a character in The Thorn Birds). Pretty fancy, eh?

My Foster Mom tells me I am a high energy Brittany boy – would you want it any other way, I think not. I’m a little guy but my personality makes up for my size. They say I’m like a little fast football player … maybe an Emmit Smith type (not a 6’6”, 301 lb, offensive tackle) – small, compact, yet powerful. You get the idea ~~~

People fall quickly fall in love me because of my bubbly, fun Brittany personality. Yes, I am very active – love to run, play ball, love to be outdoors doing things that Brittanys love to do. I love to play with my foster brothers and my human foster brother … he’s cool. So, yes, I’m good with kids. Don’t know a thing about cats.

My Foster Mom says I’m a total love bug (I hope that’s a good thing). She smiles when she says it, so I’m thinking it’s all good. She says I’m very playful, lots of fun and full of Brittany energy. I am housebroken, even figured out the doggie door on my first day in my foster home (yay). I’m scheduled for something they call a neuter then I’ll be ready for my forever home. Are you looking for a compact-football-player kind of high energy Brittany? Then, look no further – here I am.

Bric is up to date on his shots. He’s heartworm negative and on preventative and will be neutered and microchipped soon.