Beverly1Soon after BRIT rescued Beverly last August she began exhibiting signs of severe and persistent diarrhea. We decided to keep her in Foster care until her health improved…which it did around January of this year.

She was adopted by a wonderful family who has adopted from BRIT before. Things were gong great until about March when her symptoms returned…with a vengeance. Because her new family has an active home and they like to travel with their Brittanys we made the joint decision, with her family, to take Beverly back to try to get a handle on her health issues.

For the past six-weeks she has been in hospital vet care with our favorite Vet, Dr. Pam Saliba, whose staff has been working diligently to cure Beverly. She is being been treated for IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease), but so far we’ve had limited success and fear she may have Intestinal lympho-sarcoma. Over the weekend her blood count has dropped from 35 to 20.

Not every rescue group can afford to help all the animals in need that come to them.

However, BRIT treats each Brittany that comes to us like our very own. We are committed to rescuing Brittanys no matter what shape they are in and will continue to support Beverly in her fight for life.

Beverly2Because the money collected by adoption fees don’t cover emergency situations like Beverly’s we are asking for your financial support. To date we have spent $2,500 on her care including:

  • Veterinary bills including testing, medications, vaccines, etc. ($1,871)
  • Prescription Dog Food ($229)
  • Hospital boarding ($400)

As a fellow Brittany lover and BRIT supporter please consider making a donation via our YourCaring page or our donation page.