Howdy y’all, “Beth” here. FYI: my whole family is named after Yellowstone folks 😊  

I came from a big rescue effort by BRIT in South Texas. I am just now learning about people, grassy yards and how to be a Brittany! One thing we do know is Beth needs to have another dog in her home – she’s used to being in a pack and thrives on the interaction.

Beth just joined the ranks of BRIT Brittanys and is in a wonderful foster home. Here’s what they say about her:

Beth is very observant and very intelligent. She has picked up on basic obedience very quickly Her training will need reinforcement – she currently knows how to sit, stay and down. We have also been practicing door manners to keep her from running out the front door 😊  Overall, Beth is doing great acclimating to her new environment.

Beth is up to date on all vaccinations, spayed, microchipped and heartworm negative.

BRIT #2022-0906

  • Status: ADOPTED
  • Age: 7 months (born 1/27/22)
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 28.8 lbs