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Update 3/22/20 – Belle is a 12.5-year-old Brittany girl who was recently rescued by a caring neighbor. She has been neglected for years and is dealing with many health issues. She is currently in hospital care with Dr. Pam. 

Here is what we know so far – 

  • Belle has a serious infection in both ears
  • She is in heat (never spayed!)
  • She has an upper eyelid mass, which needs to be surgically removed
  • She is in dire need of dental cleaning and work
  • Her nails were grossly overgrown 
  • Belle was found covered in fleas and ticks

Belle has a mass in her thorax (the area between the neck and abdomen) which may be cancer. Dr. Pam is also concerned about her persistent bleeding from the nose. She is very lethargic, weak, and is not eating.

Dr. Pam is treating what can be treated at this time, considering her condition. We are waiting on chest x-ray results.

Your prayers and donations to cover Belle’s medical bills are greatly appreciated. We will keep you posted as know more. 

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Update 3/24/22 – The initial x-ray report came back today and Dr. Pam tells us the mass she spotted is a floating hiatal hernia. She may have a GI reflux disease – time will tell. An Acuplex test for tick borne diseases has been sent out. This morning she ordered a second x-ray and a CT scan of Belle’s sinuses to determine the cause of the ongoing nose bleed. The good news is today she showed an interest in eating a tiny bit and she had her first bowel movement in a week. Also, her heart and lungs are normal! The vet techs say she is the sweetest girl ever. 

Please continue your prayers that she pulls through this!

Update 3/31/22 – Although Belle is still not eating enough, one of the vet techs discovered she LOVES roasted chicken. In fact, it’s the only thing she will eat. Dr. Pam is cautiously optimistic with her progress, albeit slow. She is scheduled for a dental workover next week. Removing the bad teeth and infected tissue will help clean her up systemically. In other words, she won’t be spending so much of her energy fighting her dental infections. She still has a mass near her sinuses that needs to be addressed once she is strong enough to undergo surgery. In the meantime, we are so grateful we discovered her love of chicken. Here is a picture of her anticipating the tasty morsel. 

Update 4/15/22

We are sad to report Belle crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Despite our best efforts we could not overcome her cancer. She was to the point that she would not eat…not even chicken, she continued to bleed from her nose, she was extremely weak, and she was having difficulty breathing. She was loved and cherished by the vet techs…these were most certainly the best days of her life. Thank you all for your generosity and all the love you sent her way.