BEAU_Brittany_Rescue_Texas_1BRIT #: 20130110
Status:  ADOPTED
Age: 1.5 years old
Gender: Male
Weight: 39 pounds

Hi everyone my name is Beau! I may be about 1.5 years old, but I’m pretty much a puppy and ready to get going … playing … running – did I say playing??? Maybe I was never allowed to be a puppy so I’m catching up.

Beau was found by a nice couple (at an RV camp) who were down from Colorado for the winter. They took in this sweet Brittany boy but could not keep him so they called BRIT and we made arrangements to bring him into our program.

A few words from his Foster Dad:

The previous foster home Beau was in had a cat … and that was not a good match. He is not cat friendly!

Beau is a nice, friendly dog, loves to play with his Foster Sister “Emma.” Gives kisses and likes to sleep on our laps. Has to be put into kennel but will go in on his own and lay down if the door is left open.

He is beautiful as you can see. Beau is housebroken. His energy level can be high, but about right for a young guy. He likes to play, loves the chase game and generally pestering Emma. He will chase a tennis ball and return it, dropping the ball when he gets to you. Has not pointed yet, but will hunt the bushes right behind Emma. He is okay on a leash, not great and does not know commands like sit, down, heel, etc. … and that’s just the first day here.

Update on his knee from vet visit on 3-13-14:

The scar on his left knee is a healed barbed wire cut. The vet thinks it partially cut the tendons resulting in a floating kneecap. If he could be kenneled for four weeks straight, the tendon(s) ‘might’ scar over and reduce the flex in the knee. If not able to be kenneled, his knee might get worse rather than better. Vet did not advise surgery, just watch and wait. Right ankle scars did not affect tendons. 

He has a circular injury, about 1/2″ diameter that has almost finished healing (as I see it), right on his knee tendons, left side. His leg looks to now be slightly shorter than his right. He favors it when walking or trotting and will sometimes carry it for a couple of steps. But not when he runs. I think it is just tight and may loosen up over time. It does not appear to hurt or to affect his actions. The scar on his right ankle is healed and does not appear to bother him.

Beau is up to date on his shots, heartworm negative and on preventative and he has been microchipped. He is ready for his forever home.





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