My name is Bandit and I found my forever home in Mississippi on December 27, 2010, thanks to Brittany Rescue in Texas. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year.

I love my people and they love me. I even have a little sister named Maggie, but she doesn’t look anything like me. Maggie and I play hide and seek, chase each other and have lots of squirrels and birds to torment in the backyard. I love to tease my sister – I play “food” and “treat” games with her….. I wait for her to eat her food first (which she does) and I wait until she’s finished and then I eat mine – it drives Maggie nuts – pretty much fun for me!

We even have an awesome giant swimming pool and I get to swim to my heart’s delight (in the warm weather – it’s too cold right now). Life is good here in ole’ Miss.

My people take us for a walk every morning and I get to explore lots of bushes and trees. I have many dog bed choices, but I prefer my people’s bed because I can taunt Maggie and she can’t get up there…guess my barking is a dead give-away I’m up there because one of my people will come in and make me get off.

I must have been a very good Brittany because I have a large Christmas stocking already filled with goodies – can’t wait! I’m so spoiled and I love it!

My people say they are really blessed to have me in the family, and I’m also very thankful for my forever home!