Brittany_rescue_TX_Arizona_2BRIT #:  20130405
Status:   ADOPTED
Age:         6-7  yrs
Gender: Male
Weight:  42 pounds

Hello to everyone out there – my name is “Arizona.” My Foster Mom says that I’m a “typical” Brittany boy – whatever … if that means I like to do things that Brittanys do (like hugging, loving, playing, running), then I’m guilty as charged. I know there are a lot of handsome (and pretty) Brittanys on this site, but I’m right up there on that list.

My Foster Mom (who, by the way, is totally in love with me ☺) says:

“Arizona is a big sweetie – he’s an angel. He latched onto me immediately. He’s so sweet and loyal! He is shy when he first meets new people, but you can gain his trust within a few minutes. We think he may have been kicked in his previous life – occasionally he will have a little fear and submission that come to the forefront. Not often, but it still happens.

He is potty trained and has great manners. He never jumps up. When I come home from work he is excited and runs in a tiny little circle in front of me. It’s adorable. Then when you reach down to pet him he immediately rolls over for a belly rub.

Mr. Arizona is such a kind old soul. He is like the perfect man . . . polite, attractive and oh so sweeeet.

He plays well with other dogs and likes bones and toys. He knows “sit” and a few other commands. I don’t know how he feels about cats. He has been sweet around children

Arizona likes to be in the backyard chasing butterflies and pointing at birds. However he prefers human love to bird watching and other Brittany activities. Just reach down to pet him and he flops over on his back for a belly rub. He is a cuddly boy, always wants to curl up next to you. Keeps me warm all night!”

Okay, enough of all that great info about me. Let’s get to the point: Are you looking for a Brittany? Hellllllooo, over here – Arizona – let me rescue you. I’d love to save a human today, so why don’t you go to our website and fill out an application to adopt ME – Arizona.

Arizona has been neutered, is heartworm negative and on preventative. He is up to date on his shots, microchipped and ready for his new home.