Ami_1Earlier this year Ami from Arlington, TX contacted BRIT via our Facebook page to volunteer her services as a Foster Mom. She dove right in and in quick succession fostered Gambler and then Princess who were both quickly adopted.

Ami discovered she loves fostering Brittanys and agreed to foster Pepper who came to us from an owner-surrender who couldn’t keep her because she wouldn’t hunt. The day BRIT picked up Pepper the owners told us she might just be a tiny bit pregnant. Nevertheless, Ami agreed to foster Pepper and watched her closely over the next few weeks. Sure enough Pepper was more than just a little bit preggers…she was carrying five precious Brittany puppies.

BRIT is honored to name Ami our Super Hero of the quarter because of her willingness to take in a pregnant Brittany, throw her a puppy shower (see photos), see her through her the birthing process, mourn the loss of puppy girl #5, care for Pepper and her new-born puppies who are now three weeks old, wean them before their teeth come in, give them lots of love and socialization, and get them ready for their forever homes.

Not everybody would take on a task like this! Especially considering Ami and her husband are also “Expecting” (their fourth child!) this Fall. Thank you, Ami! Your BRIT family loves you!