ALLIE '15 - with cone and breast cancer bandana  2-20-16Allie was adopted from BRIT in late December. She is a wee little thing. In fact, we jokingly call her our “miniature Brittany” because she is the smallest of this breed we have ever seen! She has a girly bark, and the sweetest disposition. She loves to put her front paws on our knees, and stare at us with her gorgeous coffee-colored eyes! Each time she does that we melt and give her whatever attention she is currently craving.

When she arrived, our vet suspected that she had recently given birth, as she had some swollen and infected nipples. After 2 rounds of antibiotics and very little change, it was time for Allie to have a double mastectomy. Allie’s surgery was just a few months ago, and she has healed beautifully. She was the perfect patient.


Allie spends her daylight hours patrolling the yard for one particularly feisty squirrel, and keeping the birds at a wary distance. We haven’t seen any of the wild bunnies in over two months! When she is inside, she can usually be found standing on her back legs looking out the kitchen window. Once the sun goes down, she wants to be right next to us, no matter what we are doing. She will jump on the bed in the early hours of the morning, and spend some time cuddling with us before we get up.

She is particularly fond of our teenage son, whom she always greets with a special song and a round of raucous barking, even if he has been gone from the room for only a few minutes. He is hers, and nobody can tell her otherwise!

We would like to thank the incredible Brittany Rescue in Texas team for bringing Allie to us. She is beloved.


ALLIE '15 - months post surgery  4-9-16