Adoptable Brittanys

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Name Gender Age Weight BRIT ID Photo


Even Newer Photos!

Male 1 yr 46 lbs 20160907
Mimi Female 13 yrs 32 lbs 20161006 MIMI '15 - face shot  11-13-15
Tracer Male 10 yrs 65 lbs 20161102 tracer_1
Libby Female 1 yr 43 lbs 20161105
Montana Male 3 yrs 35 lbs 20170201
Nick Male 3 yrs 59 lbs 20170301 Adopt_Nick_BRIT_1
Ruger Male 10 mo 46 lbs 20170302

 Please note:

  • We do NOT ship our Brittanys.
  • BRIT adoption families must reside in The Great State of Texas.
  • BRIT does not have an out-of-state transportation system, nor are we able to do out-of-state home visits. If you live outside of Texas (bless your heart), please contact one of the national Brittany rescue groups.