Adoptable Brittanys

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Name Gender Age Weight BRIT ID Photo


New Photos!

Female 9 yrs 36 lbs 20170303
Tootie Female 1.5 yrs 27 lbs 20170602

Tobi Belle

Female 7 yrs 38 lbs  20170701


New Photos!

Male 9 yrs 50 lbs 20170707  


Female 4 yrs 34 lbs 20170508


Female 3 yrs 29.5 lbs 20170803


Male 4 yrs  62 lbs 20170901


Male 8 yrs 42 lbs 20170903


Male 7 yrs 42 lbs  20170902  
  • We do NOT ship our Brittanys.
  • BRIT adoption families must reside in The Great State of Texas.
  • BRIT does not have an out-of-state transportation system, nor are we able to do out-of-state home visits. If you live outside of Texas (bless your heart), please contact one of the national Brittany rescue groups.