French Brittanys

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Most Brittany lovers have never heard of a French Brittany.

Here’s a little history on the French Brittany taken from the French Brittany Club of America: Commonly referenced in the western hemisphere as the “French Brittany,” the Epagneul Breton goes back much earlier than the breed’s official creation (in 1907). These French spaniels were typically found in villages located across the French countryside around the Bretagne (Brittany) region of France. French Brittanys are the original Brittany.

In America, as in other parts of the world, the Epagneul Breton is now recognized and accepted at a separate and distinct breed from its distant cousin, the American Brittany. Since the two breeds share common French ancestry, it is impossible to provide an accurate history of the Epagneul Breton in the United States without distinguishing the breed from what has become the Americanized version, now customarily referenced as the American Brittany. However, it should be observed at the outset that the Epagneul Breton is quite different in appearance from the American Brittany. Such differences between the American Brittany and the Epagneul Breton are most often observed in the color of coat, eye, and in the color of skin pigmentation in the lips, eyelids and pads of the feet. Epagneul Bretons often, but not always, have black in the coat, and pigmentation of the lips, eyelids and pads of the feet. Scientific research has demonstrated that the Epagneul Breton carries the “agouti” or “black” color gene. The Epagneul Breton are medium sized with a coat of orange and white, black and white, liver and white, or tricolor combinations in liver or black, mixed with traditional white and orange. Pigmentation in the nose, feet, lips and eyelids of the Epagneul Breton is typically quite dark, approaching black, as are their eyes which range from very dark brown to black, and most often do not have the light brown, golden, and green eye color seen in the American Brittany.

For more information on the French Brittany, visit the French Brittany Club of the United States.

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