Brittany Breed Information

American Brittany Breed Information

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Formerly known as “the Brittany Spaniel,” the AKC officially changed the breed name in the 1980s to “the American Brittany.”

A Brittany retains a puppy-like quality in their personality and are gentle, clownish, active dogs. They are great family dogs.

Brittanys are compact, medium size, leggy dogs that cover ground with agility. They are strong, vigorous, energetic and quick moving.

The Brittanys’ small size makes them easy to take in a car. The short tail, which can be either natural or docked, is an asset. They are not heavily coated, but lightly fringed, with enough coat to protect from the briars, but not enough to catch burrs to any great extent. They can be either orange and white, or liver and white, with either clear or roan patterns.

Brittanys are used primarily on upland game in the United States. They work in the same manner as a pointer, but without the range. They point and hold game, and retrieve both on land and in the water.

The Brittany is noted for an exceptionally keen nose, and a very biddable disposition. It is not unusual for them to be both house pets as well as field winners and fine hunting dogs. They are a high energy dog, who is bred to hunt, and does need lots of exercise to stay happy.

Brittanys have a typical friendly disposition and are very willing to please their families. They may be expected to absorb training more easily than many other pointing breeds, needing only a sharp scolding, or slight punishment. The natural abilities of the Brittany sell them as a breed since they seem to know better what to do than their owners.

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