Here’s a look back at our first six years of rescuing Brittanys all across the Great State of Texas

Even though we celebrate our birthday in the cool month of May we officially began operations on 7/10/2010. Here is a look at some of our adoptions:

2010 – Our Freshman Year

“This is our sweet 6-year-old boy, Charlie. When we got him, he was afraid of, well, just about everything. But now, he’s a happy Brittany boy! He loves to snuggle with his humans, run around with his foster brother Dichan, and hunt birds, lizards, and squirrels. He is the best thing that has ever happened to us. We love him so much!”


“Molly was my very first Brittany! She started my wild career as Mama C – the Brittany Foster Super Mom. I’ve fostered 40 Brittanys to date!”


2011 – Our Sophomore Year

BAXTER – His mom says: “I love that he’s snuggly, playful, happy all the time, and of course, he’s ridiculously good looking. He’s PERFECT”

COOPER – (Mama C’s first foster Failure) “Coop was a fun Brittany – loved his toys, his sisters, and his Mom. We lost him way too early in May of 2015.”


2012 – We’re On A Roll Now!

GEORGE – “Came to BRIT at 3 mos old suffering from a defective heart valve. After many visits with the cardiologist, meds, and love he has outgrown the “issue” and you’d never know he had any problems.”

GINNY – Was loved so much by her family. We lost her way too early in 2014.


2013 – The Year Of The Magnificent Seven

HARPER – Came from the Louisiana seizure in July 2013. “She is loved to the moon and back.”

JOLENE – “This little girl was so afraid and timid when she joined my family she has come a very long way – she’s a special little girl.”


2014 – The Puppy Fever Year

BRIT rescued a whopping 96 Brittanys including four sets of puppies!

Bama was such a little baby when Lauren fell head over heels in love with him. Now he’s a VERY big boy and definitely a mama’s Boy.


TRAPPER – This Brittany/Lab blend is such a character … Mom is a Brittany … Dad Was a Yellow Lab.  He’s so cool that he even has his own Facebook page – check it out:

THUNDER – Joined BRIT at ten years of age – after a career as a show Brittany. He is really the most well behaved Brittany – and oh so beautiful :)


2015 – We’re Seasoned Veterans Now!

DYSON – Dyson joined BRIT because his original family didn’t have time for him. His forever family has more than made up for those years – this gorgeous Brittany has had hundreds of fun adventures with his Dad. 

LINCOLN – (FKA Skokie) not only is a beautiful French Brittany, but he’s quite the character and lots of fun. He loves his forever family, cat, dog brother, and all the adventures he gets to have.


We hope you have enjoyed this look back! Thank you for all your support – we couldn’t do this work without YOU!