You can win a prize by entering our FREE 2022 Photo Contest! 

We have loads of prizes to give away and we’ll even tell you how to win one. 

Contest dates: Now through July 31st, 2022 
Cost to enter: FREE

Submit photos of your beautiful Brittanys in these categories:

  • Best in Color (Orange & White, Liver & White, French Brittany)
  • Holidays (Valentines, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Patriotic, Halloween Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, etc.)
  • Seasonal (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)
  • Special Events (Weddings, Birthday, Parties, Graduation, etc.)
  • Sports/Action (Boating, Hiking, Swimming, Running)
  • Super Models (Boys, girls, puppies, Seniors)
  • Travel/Adventures
  • Tricks

How to take a winning photo: 

  1. Turn your phone sideways (we can’t accept vertical/tall & skinny) photos
  2. Get down low…on their level to take their picture
  3. Stage a good photo – be mindful of background items. (Ex: No trashcans or debris, table or chair legs, laundry baskets)
  4. Send a BIG picture – Don’t crop the photo
  5. Clear, bright, focused photos with good contrast and sharp, clean edges; not blurry or dark
  6. No “red/blue flash” eyes