Dear fellow Brittany lover,

It’s heartbreaking to find Brittanys who no longer have a home, a place where there’s always shelter, food, love, attention, special treats, playtime … where they are treasured members of the family.

We believe all Brittanys deserve a chance to have a loving forever home. In addition to rescuing healthy Brittanys, we’ve pledged to save ALL Brittanys including the elderly, abused, abandoned, pregnant, and those facing euthanasia due to severe injuries. (See examples on back.)

Some believe these severe cases are not worth spending the money to save them.

We disagree.

If you feel the same way and believe these sweet playful companions deserve a chance at a new life, support us with your tax-deductible donation:

Why your donation is so vital:

  • We never know how many “special needs” Brittanys we’ll bring in at any given time
  • Shelters don’t have the funding to vet injured animals so they depend on rescue organizations like BRIT to step up
  • The cost to vet a Brittany with special needs can range from $3,000 to $5,000+ each
  • If it weren’t for BRIT, the odds are high that many Brittanys in shelters would be put down
  • Our adoption fees don’t always cover necessary vetting (some have special needs)
  • The average cost of heartworm treatment is $400+
  • BRIT is run by volunteers; all donations go to saving Brittanys (and we keep our costs low)

Our hearts go out to this special breed and we’ve made it our mission to save as many as humanly possible in Texas. Unfortunately, it takes more dollars than we have to rescue, vet, foster, and rehabilitate all of these loveable Brittanys so they can find forever homes.

We couldn’t do this work without your financial support.

Thank you so much for helping us help them!

“Precious” Before

Rescued June 2013

“Precious” Now

Precious after 1 week of 24/7 care at the Emergency Clinic. 

Precious came to BRIT near death. The vet stated she was just a day away from death’s door. With the help of our BRIT Rescue Angels we were able to save her life. She is now in her forever home, living the best life possible: happy, sassy, and chasing squirrels !


“Dani” Before

Rescued August 2015

“Dani” Now

DANI '15 - x6  8-12-15 

When we rescued Dani from a shelter in San Antonio, she was in terrible condition: emaciated, starving, and barely clinging to life. She almost lost her leg due to the severity of her injuries. Now she is living the high life with the vet tech who cared for her in the hospital.


“Smoke” Before

Rescued July 2015

“Smoke” Now


11-year-old Smoke was found by Animal Control wandering the streets of Grand Prairie on the 4th of July weekend with a broken ankle. BRIT paid for his surgery and found him a wonderful forever home with two veterinary students in Bryan, TX who take him on many  adventures.


“Rocky” Before

Rescued June 2016

“Rocky” After

ROCKY '16 - Midland - left rear leg  6-24-16

4-month old Rocky barely survived a near fatal attack by eight vicious dogs who were biting him and pulling him from multiple directions. He was covered in puncture wounds, had a large open wound on his belly, and required multiple surgeries. Now he is as happy as can be with his new family.


“Pebbles” Before

Rescued July 2016

“Pebbles” After

PEBBLES '16 - from Longview  injured leg  7-12-16 

Pebbles was dropped off at a shelter with her right rear leg shattered by a gunshot.  The shelter didn’t have the resources to care for her and she would have been put down if BRIT hadn’t rescued her. She required two surgeries and several months of rehabilitation before she could go to a foster home.  


Here are some of the more notable special needs cases we’ve brought in:

2016 – Pebbles – Leg shattered by gunshot

2016 – Annie Oakley – Pregnant and Homeless

2016 – Rocky – Near Fatal Dog Attack

2016 – Beverly – Serious Illness (possibly cancer)

2016 – 5 Parvo Puppies

2016 – Joe – Extensive Behavioral Issues

2016 – Brodie – Extensive Behavioral Issues

2015 – Macey –Heartworm treatment and severe skin Issues

2015 – Mimi – Multiple Surgeries

2015 – Dani – Starving with an injured leg

2015 – Smoke – 10-year BRIT with broken leg

2015 – Waffle – Blind Senior

2014 – Beretta – Huge tumors on his legs

2014 – Wendy – Starved from living on the streets

2014 – BBMax – Esophageal Paralysis

2014 – BeBee ­– Grade 5 Heart Murmur 

2014 – Cheyenne – Heartworm treatment and severe skin issues

2013 – Louisiana Breeder Seizure Operation (over 100 seized; 7 taken in by BRIT)

2013 – Precious – Starvation

2013 – George – Heart Valve Defect

2013 – Arizona – Drop Jaw

2012 – Sky Hicks – Abuse

2012 – Rosie – Pregnant 

2012 – Daisy – Pregnant 

2011– Cowboy Hudson – Mentally Challenged

2011 – Darcy – Leg issue