On September 3, 2022 BRIT was involved in the rescue of 11 Brittanys from an Austin area breeder. 

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The Brittanys ranged in age from 7-months (7), 1-years old (3), and one 8-year old. The Brittanys lived outside in the dirt and had not been socialized with humans. None were neutered/spayed or up to date on vaccinations. The good news is they were all relatively healthy. 

As you can see from these initial intake photos the Brittanys were living in a dirt pen and were so excited to receive some attention from Adrian. Because the Brittanys had never experienced a leash each one had to be carried to the volunteers transport vehicles. 

Once at the Austin vet they were fascinated by all the grass! It took hours for us to catch, tag, and bathe each Brittany.

Thank you to all the volunteers who assisted with this large rescue effort! You are all truly BRIT Super Heroes. 

After vetting BRIT started the process of finding foster home for all 11 Brittanys. This was no small feat because we already were “full up” from the Great Puppy Tsunami of 2022. Fortunately we found foster homes for all – many of the foster families generously took in two Brittanys. Foster homes are extremely important for Brittanys like this bunch who were not accustomed to living in a home and living with people. 

All 11 Brittanys have been placed in amazing and loving forever homes. Check ’em out!